Cushion Cover 4

32 tiny two-round grannies came together with a lovely, rich shade of grey to make this 20" square cushion cover. Click here to get info on ordering a cushion cover as a custom piece! I enjoyed every moment from choosing the crazy colors to reacquainting myself with an old joining method of mine! I used slip stitch to … Continue reading Cushion Cover 4

Cushion Cover 3

Once upon a time, I made a cover for a bolster cushion. What an adventure it was! Here's how I did it: The Sunburst Granny cushion cover began its life as 18 pretty circles (16 for the body and 2 for the sides). You need to think about how big to make your side circles … Continue reading Cushion Cover 3

Continuous Join-as-you-go

Continuous Join-as-you-go I love this join so much that it I decided to dedicate a complete post to it. ***Please hop over to my crafter site to see the rest of this post, as I have organized my free pattern collection for better browsing! Click here to see the rest of this pattern