Cushion Cover

Cushion Cover No. 5

Brighten your playroom's lounger with this spotty 20" cushion. Made in any color! Design Profile Location: New Jersey Pattern: No specific pattern! Just followed my instinct - see more on my original piece. Materials: Remnants of Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” and Red Heart Super Saver (I buy from for a softer product!) Construction: Solid granny… Continue reading Cushion Cover No. 5

Cushion Cover

Cushion Cover 4

32 tiny two-round grannies came together with a lovely, rich shade of grey to make this 20" square cushion cover. Click here to get info on ordering a cushion cover as a custom piece! I enjoyed every moment from choosing the crazy colors to reacquainting myself with an old joining method of mine! I used slip stitch to… Continue reading Cushion Cover 4

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Continuous Join-as-you-go (Again!)

Continuous Join-as-you-go (CJAYG) *Again!* The tutorial has moved! Click here to see it's new home. Are you arriving here from Pinterest? That's because this blog post is viral on that platform! Wowzers - thank you all for your continued support. This post has now become the most viewed content on, so I have updated… Continue reading Continuous Join-as-you-go (Again!)