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Continuous Join-as-you-go (Again!)

Continuous Join-as-you-go (CJAYG) *Again!*

The tutorial has moved! Click here to see it’s new home.

Are you arriving here from Pinterest? That’s because this blog post is viral on that platform! Wowzers – thank you all for your continued support. This post has now become the most viewed content on, so I have updated it so that it’s fresh and new.


This tutorial will show you the method behind the crochet continuous join as you go, but there are an infinite amount of ways you can use this method. My tutorial here is just a strong foundation to springboard to more uses.

The tutorial has moved! Click here to see it’s new home.


83 thoughts on “Continuous Join-as-you-go (Again!)

  1. Thank you so much for your detailed instructions & your beautiful photos! I am going to use your instructions to make a mini version of your pattern to make a barbie dress for my grandaughter!

  2. I was given your site for to learn your CJAYG and have since taken apart my project to reconnected them with your technique. I love it! Since then I have made two more blankets. Thank you for taking the time to document the instructions. SO MUCH APPRECIATED!

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment 🙂 This CJAYG is an older post, and lately I have been struggling with the idea that my old tutorials are lost in the Internet ether 🙂 It’s great to know you have gotten use out of this post! As a blanket junkie, I’d love to see pics of your blankets if you have an Internet space of your own 🙂
      Thank you, and happy crafting!
      Rachele C.

  3. OMG!!! I am a long time crochetter but I had never seen this joining method. After searching for a new way to join my granny squares, I found your instructions and they are so well detailed. I am using it now and it’s so nice to be able to join many squares continuously.
    Love it! Thank you very much for sharing.

  4. First of all thank you so much for such a wonderfully clear tutorial and I also realise it’s quite an old post so not sure if you are still checking comments, but if you do have a moment, I wonder if you could possibly explain how you would do this with a 3 chain corner as I’ve been trying for several days now (as well as looking at other tutorials) and just can’t get my head around the corners ie.

    “Row 2, Step 2 – Pick up your next motif, 3tr in any sp, ss to join, (3dc in next sp, ss to join) 2 times, 3tr in next sp, ch1, ss in diagonal ch2 corner sp”

    Should I do ch2 before the ss OR ch1 before and ch1 after?

    “Row 2, Step 4 -.
    Release the loop from the hook. Insert your hook in the un-worked corner from before, put the loop back on your hook.
    Pull the loop through that corner space and ch2. Release the loop from your hook again and insert your hook in the corner as it is shown in the photo below. Put the loop back on the hook.
    After you pull that loop through, ch2. 3tr in the sp where your 3tr is in the next motif down (mine is the center motif) and ss to join.”

    After pulling the loop through, should I be doing ch3 instead of ch2 (on both occasions) ?

    With many, many thanks in advance and here’s hoping…

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