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Sunburst Flower Blanket Tutorial


Tutorial for Sunburst Flower Blanket

This blanket is based on the Sunburst Granny Square by my crochet idol, Priscilla Hewitt. Color scheme borrowed from SnapDragons blanket – go check out her beautiful blog!


First, work rounds 1-3 of her free Sunburst Granny Square pattern at the link above. Make as many circle flowers as you need for your blanket, because the join is continuous and worked all at once. So make those flowers! I’ll wait! 🙂

Here are some of my flowers. I made 70 total for a 7×10 blanket that measured 48×64″ and I used worsted weight yarn with a size K 6.5mm hook.



The join that I used is my own Gumball Blanket pattern join, the Mini-Twist, re-worked into the Continuous Join as You Go – see YouTube video tutorial by Crochet Cabana. I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the continuous join because the YouTube tutorial is so complete. Before you attempt my join, I recommend watching it and even taking some small grannies and practicing. You won’t regret it because it can be confusing if you don’t try it out first hand.

I did end up writing a more complete version of the Continuous Join-as-you-go – find it here!

See my post where I sing the praises of the continuous join here.

Side note: Check out Crafty Goodness Crochet‘s version of the Mini-Twist Join – the Tight Join! She is using it for her Scrappy CAL blanket.

The join is worked as follows:

Join border yarn with a treble crochet stitch (YouTube tutorial) in any chain 2 space. Chain 3 and work 3 trebles in the same space. Working in only the chain spaces between clusters, 3 dc, 3 hdc, 3 dc, (3 tr, ch 3, 3 tr) (corner made), 3 dc, 3 hdc, 3 dc, 3 tr (half-corner made).

****Please hop over to my crafter site via this hotlink to read the rest of this join pattern. It was relocated in order to further organize my free pattern library 🙂


23 thoughts on “Sunburst Flower Blanket Tutorial

    1. Ah that isn’t a coincidence! I got a custom order from a customer who sent me a photo and it looks like it was your blanket!! I’m so excited, you have no idea! I’ll put in lots of linky love 🙂 How exciting it is to meet you!!

      1. People asked me to post a pattern back when I did the blanket, but I didn’t have the energy to sort out all of those yarn labels. Glad you did it instead!

      2. Hehe well not too much of a pattern! Priscilla Hewitt – my favorite crochet person!! – has an awesome Sunburst Flower, and I was dying to try the continuous join on CrochetCabana – I figured the join out after a LOT of looking at it, but it was tricky! Anyway so cool that you found this and thanks for stopping in! 🙂 happy hooking! 😉

  1. Would love to make your lovely blanket but need to ask how did you choose the colors you used? They all seem to blend together so seamlessly sure would appreciate your input on how to go about doing the colors. Thanks for the information that you have so graciously shared with us. If I do this think I would like to do a lacier join the continuous join looks like it might be above my head.

    1. I get so many shades by not being afraid to cross brands. I use about 5-6 acrylic brands in worsted weight, and even a couple heavier DK weight thrown in. This does help tons with the shading.. I save remnants as I go, planning for future shaded blankets to make sure I’ll have the variety in my stash 🙂

  2. I love your work, especially this rose garden. I am a little cpnfused reading the pattern, but think it would be very special for my new grandbaby. Do you think it would be too large? I am looking for a special pattern for my 1st granddaughter and am a novice. 😉

    1. You can also look for “Sunburst Granny Square” on – the blanket can be whatever size you like depending on how many squares you make. I like 36x36inch square or 32x42inch for babies! 🙂

    1. Hi, Kathy!! Thank you so much for your kind words! I am now sharing pattern on my Crafter site and only use BabyLove Brand as a FO Gallery these days. So hop over to and you’ll see the “click this button to follow by email” and all that jazz 🙂 There are also a bunch of new tutorials up if you’d like to browse over there. Thank you again!! Happy crafting! – RC

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