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Postage Stamp Block Pattern


Postage Stamp Block Pattern

This is the block I am using for my version of Bear’s Rainbow Blanket, which is the blanket in the Scrappy Crochet-Along. Mary from Crafty Goodness Crochet and I are the hosts.

***I have re-organized my complete free pattern collection, and so this post has been relocated to my crafter site! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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10 thoughts on “Postage Stamp Block Pattern

  1. I’ve never seen directions to put SC in corner chain and then ch 2. What is the purpose of this technique? I’m sure it is a fabulous tip since your squares look absolutely beautiful and perfect!

    1. Oh! My goal is to have my beginning dc look just like all the others. Most crochet instructions call to ch3 at the beginning to count as a dc. This has never worked for me, so I found someone who uses (sc, ch1) as their beginning dc, and I got hooked!

      I think the sc, ch1 looks a lot more like the normal dc. When you come back around to join, you join in that chain right above the sc.

      The other chain in the sc, chain2 is the corner chain. I’ve gotten on a kick of omitting all the ch1 between the 3dc groups on grannies. So I only chain 1 in the corners. It really turns out a neat little square.

      Happy hooking, and thanks for the question!

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