Textured Circles Blanket Pattern


Enjoy Textured Circles – a slight variation on Priscilla Hewitt’s Circle of Friends!

I used two strands of worsted acrylic to make this blanket and a size 10mm hook – yarn and hook are optional but will greatly affect final size. Mine is 16 motifs and 68″ square.

Note: This square is a slight modification of the Circle of Friends Square by Priscilla Hewitt (Ravelry).

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Let’s begin!


Chain 5 and join with a slip stitch to make a ring. SC, CH2 (counts as a TR) 15 TR in ring. Join with a slip stitch in the second CH above the first SC. Cut and finish off. This is the front side. 20130204-102026.jpg

Join new color in any TR. SC, TR in all TR around, squashing TR stitches to the front of the work. Squashed TRs make bobbles. Join with slip stitch to first SC. 16 bobbles, 16 SC. Cut and finish off. 20130204-102032.jpg

Join new color in any SC. (SC in SC, CH2, skip bobble) all around 16 times and join with slip stitch to first SC. Do not cut yarn. 20130204-102037.jpg

SC, CH1 in CH2 space (counts as DC), 2DC in same CH2 space, 3DC in all CH2 space around. Join with slip stitch to CH directly above first SC. 48 DC. Cut yarn and finish off. 20130204-102042.jpg

Join new color in any DC. Alternate SC, TR around, ending with a TR and join with a slip stitch to first SC. 24 bobbles, 24 SC. Cut yarn and finish off. 20130204-102050.jpg

Join new yarn in any SC. (SC in SC, CH2, skip bobble) all around and join with slip stitch in first SC. Do not cut yarn. 24 CH2 spaces. 20130204-102056.jpg

SC, CH1 in CH2 space (counts as a DC), 2DC in CH2 space. **(TR, CH1) 2 times and TR again all in next CH2 space. 3DC in next CH2 space. 3SC in next 3 CH2 spaces. 3DC in next CH2 space.** Repeat ** section, ending with a final group of 3SC. Join with a slip stitch in the CH directly above the first SC. Cut yarn and finish off. 4 corners made by the TR, CH1 sections. 20130204-102103.jpg

Join new color in corner TR. (SC, TR, SC) in all corners, alternate SC, TR across all sides including CH1 spaces as a stitch. 44 bobbles. Cut yarn and finish off. 20130204-102110.jpg

Join new yarn in corner bobble. 3SC in all corners and SC in all SC and bobble stitches around. Join with slip stitch in first SC. Cut yarn and finish off. 20130204-102119.jpg

Join new color in corner SC. SC, CH1 in corner SC (counts as DC). CH1 again and DC all in corner SC. DC in all SC around, working DC, CH1, DC in corners. Join with slip stitch in CH directly above first SC. Cut yarn and finish off. 20130204-102124.jpg

Join border color in corner space. 3SC in corner SP. SC in all DC around, working 3SC in corners. Join with slip stitch in first SC. FIRST MOTIF: SC in corner SC, CH4, SC all in corner SC. (CH2, skip 1 SC, SC in next SC) all around, working SC, CH4, SC in all corners. Join with slip stitch in First SC. Cut yarn and finish off.

Using “Flat Braid Join”, work subsequent motifs in the same manner.

When all motifs are joined, work CH2 spaces all around border of blanket, decreasing 2 spaces together where two square corners meet (Internet Search “No-crinkle granny square border” for a great tutorial) and working SC, CH2, SC in 4 corners of blanket.

Work a round of 2SC in all CH2 spaces, working 3SC in all 4 corners.

Work a round of reverse SC (crab stitch).

Finish off and take some snazzy pics! :)

Close up of join.



Two other Textured Circles blankets.



49 thoughts on “Textured Circles Blanket Pattern

  1. I enjoyed this post. Your site is gorgeous! I am now following you.

    I noticed there was some discussion about the print-ability of this pattern. The “more ” button that has a multitude of choices available with print being one of them. Also, on Chrome when I select print there is a choice to change from the printer to PDF and then choose save. This saves to the “download” function where you have the option to name the file. If you need more information WordPress provides tutorials.

    I hope this helps and I apologize that this comments is so long. Please come over and visit my blog. All comments are especially welcome.

    Ta Ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady

    1. The stitch is worked normally, but if you don’t “squish” the TR to the front of the work, you will notice that the TR “bobble” tends to more naturally end up at the back of the work. I wrote it this way because I didn’t want to have you turn the motif at all. I hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have and other concerns. :)

  2. Lovely pattern but I am still having a problem with the pattern. On line 8 of your instructions it says you should end up with 44 bobbles. I keep ending up with 41. I have checked the previous row and have the right amount of stitches. There must be something I’m not doing correctly at the corners. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thank you

    1. Hi! :)

      On each “side” of the motif, you will have 10 bobbles, plus 1 in each corner for a total of 44. You’ll be working sc, tr, sc in each corner.

      Put another way, your repeat for the 4 sides is as follows: **(sc, tr, sc) in corner, tr, (sc, tr) 9 times across**

      Hope that helps! I’m writing up 2 great lace borders for the motif, so stay tuned and maybe you’ll fancy one for your blanket ;)

      Rachele C.

  3. Hello!! Thankyou so much for this beautiful pattern! I found it once and forgot to bookmark it, after thinking about it for all this time, I’m so glad to have found it again today! Now bookmarked and will try the pattern tomorrow! Thankyou!!!

  4. Hey there outstanding blog! Does running a blog similar
    to this require a great deal of work? I have no understanding of computer programming but I was hoping to start my own blog
    in the near future. Anyway, if you have any recommendations or tips for new blog owners please share.
    I understand this is off subject nevertheless I just had to ask.

    Thank you!

    1. It takes some attention, and I don’t have much computer knowledge. I started this website on a MUCH simpler wordpress blogging theme, then I slowly worked my way to the current theme little by little. I still make changes to it as I learn more about creating a website. I like, but of course any platform has its limitations.. Lots of luck to you! :)

  5. Can this motif be worked w only 1 yarn or is 2 required to get the great texture/look? I’m just guessing it’s probably pretty heavy- ?? Thank you! Your work is beautiful :)

    1. The texture is still beautiful if you do 1 yarn strand only.. I have done some this way – check out my category “Textured Circles” to see the different ones I have made. It is a heavy blanket double stranded with worsted weight yarn, but not too bad with sport weight or Dk weight! I like to use an N hook (9mm) for DK weight doubled..
      Good luck to you! :)

    1. Hello! What it means by squash it is that if you don’t push the tr to the front of the work, it will naturally end up in the back. So all your bobbles would be on the wrong side of the piece. Also yes, it’s a treble crochet.
      Thank you! Have fun! :)

      1. I found “squashing” the bobbles to be tedious (the junky yarn I was using may have had something to do with it though). I noticed on the original pattern, that you’ve linked to at the top of the post, it says to “turn” the work before each bobble round and then turn it back after. I’ve been doing it that way now and I find it so much easier! My question though – is there a reason you don’t want to turn yours? Does it effect the look of the final square in any way?

        Thanks so much for sharing this pattern, along with all the beautiful photos of your work! So inspiring!

      2. Yes the original instructions are to turn the work. I for some reason have a stubborn aversion to turning in this particular pattern! My favorite granny square pattern involves turning on every single round, so I really have no idea why I don’t like turning on this… Just one of those weird things I suppose! 😊😊 Thanks for the discussion, and craft on! 🌺❤️💕

    1. Hey there! Everything of mine is in USA terms – the US trebles are there to make extra “tall” stitches that stick out as Bobbles when placed next to short US single crochet stitches. If that makes sense! Haha :)

  6. Hi from Turkey , love your work. cant see the images. woult be lovely if you fix that. thanks…

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