Textured Circles

Textured Circles 7


My seventh Textured Circles blanket – Off to New Jersey!

Free pattern here, detail of how to join the squares here (Flat Braid Join), order this as a custom blanket here. 🙂

I completed a healthy dose of these nine squares in the car-rider line at my eldest daughter’s Elementary School. Once you get past the third color, the square is smooth sailing.


I had some requests over the past couple of months to write the pattern for the Flat Braid Join that I use. So I took the opportunity that this style blanket was in my queue and knocked it out!


I wasn’t able to take a final shot because I had to rush off to the post office! You can always click “Textured Circles” in the sidebar to see my – nearly – complete portfolio. (I have a bit of older works to add eventually!)



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