US Military Blankets

Three US Military blankets - Made using a two-color image chart. See the patterns here on my Etsy site! US Marine Corps, seen above - US Army and US Air Force seen below. I've written these charts up for a pattern to include instructions on how I do my two-color work. Shown below is how … Continue reading US Military Blankets


Sometimes I get a request for something completely different! Here's a two-color image chart rendition of the Batman signal. It's just a fun charted pattern with a reverse SC border. Terrible lighting because I worked through the night on it! I started out with a snake - made of double-stranded yellow, carrying the non-working yarn … Continue reading Batman!

KidRobot Dunny

KidRobot Dunny Two-Color Image Blanket - Made custom for a toy collector! The light shining through my curtains created a special light saber. 🙂 I made this blanket without any chart - I researched the Dunny on an Internet image search and saved the picture below. Then I opened the pic in an image editor … Continue reading KidRobot Dunny