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US Military Blankets

US Marine Corps

Three US Military blankets – Made using a two-color image chart.

See the patterns here on my Etsy site!

US Marine Corps, seen above – US Army and US Air Force seen below.

US Army Crochet Blanket

I’ve written these charts up for a pattern to include instructions on how I do my two-color work. Shown below is how the blanket looks without the personalized border.

Air Force Crochet Blanket

Here’s the one and only progress shot! 🙂 That little blue snake is the starter chain of the Air Force blanket! These were a lot of fun – it’s long work reading from a chart, but it is very eye-catching and a way to create an impressive result from a simple technique.

Military Blankets Progress

8 thoughts on “US Military Blankets

    1. Hi, there! The price depends on the size – the blanket in the picture is 60″x60″ and costs $234 – I’d love to make you one 🙂 Just let me know and I’ll make you an invoice. Thank you! RC

    1. Sure! Don’t worry about it – I’ll send you the pattern to your email if you let me have it, and then if one day you ever feel like heading to my Etsy shop to browse patterns, you can!

      Rachele C.

  1. I followed the link and wanted to purchase a pattern of the Marine corps blanket but I couldn’t find it, is there anywhere I could get it?

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