Two-Color Image

KidRobot Dunny


KidRobot Dunny Two-Color Image Blanket – Made custom for a toy collector!

The light shining through my curtains created a special light saber. 🙂

I made this blanket without any chart – I researched the Dunny on an Internet image search and saved the picture below. Then I opened the pic in an image editor (the PicShop Lite app) on my iPhone and swiped two lines on it. These dividing lines really helped my eyes to visualize pieces of the image in relation to one another, without having to force myself to locate the midpoint as well. I used the image below to make the blanket.


Here is a progress shot of my work – I created a mini tutorial and explored the idea of two-color image crochet when I made my first one – the US Marines insignia. (Bonus shot of my feetsies…)


Close-up of stitching