Two-Color Image



Sometimes I get a request for something completely different! Here’s a two-color image chart rendition of the Batman signal. It’s just a fun charted pattern with a reverse SC border. Terrible lighting because I worked through the night on it!

I started out with a snake – made of double-stranded yellow, carrying the non-working yarn along. Check out the Patterns link in sidebar to see a mini tutorial on my method of two-color charts.

Don’t throw in a third color on me though… I can barely handle two! 🙂


Chugging along through the chart. You have to remember to pull the non-working yarn straight (not too tight) because if not, then it gets all wonky. It bunches up as it’s carried so you have to take out the slack.


How I add the border: I work a round of SC in the color of the main body (yellow). This squares it off really nice without having any dips/jagged edges show up. If you jump into the black border, you’ll see every uneven detail.

So start with a round in your base color (3SC in corners), and then work your black round on that nice clean SC edge. I jumped straight into reverse SC in all stitches with the black because I like when it looks like piping.



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