Relaxghan No. 4: Good Vibes

Good Vibes Blanket Info

Color inspiration

Bold blocks of color and tropical designs were my inspiration for this piece. I came across an image on Instagram posted by @designsponge which completely drew me in. Instantly I imagined a blanket, with a color-block center portion and big dramatic floral motifs on either side. It was so crazy it just might work. I always say it: I see a blanket everywhere I look. It’s true! Free Pattern (Ravelry)

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My favorite part about this motif is that popcorn round that looks like it’s levitating there… I worked over the chain spaces completely on the following round, so it makes the popcorns… well… pop! I also did that round in Colour Crafter Velvet, which is the dappled, marled looking version of Colour Crafter. This Velvet yarn is echoed in the center linen st panel.

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