Callie No. 1

Callie Pattern:

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Alternate way to whip st join, instead of using the tails: YouTube Tutorial – Click here!


US Size 3.25mm hook, Tapestry needle for weaving ends

Gauge: Motif measures about 6.5in at widest point

Measurements: Finished piece measures about 70x58in


Scheepjes “Cotton 8” (aff)

(100% Cotton; 50g/170m)

Color x No. of balls

  • Yarn A: 665 Light Blue Green x 3
  • Yarn B: 723 Sea Green x 3
  • Yarn C: 508 Soft Yellow x 3
  • Yarn D: 722 Ochre x 4
  • Yarn E: 671 Rust x 3
  • Yarn F: 717 Bordeaux x 3
  • Yarn G: 657 Dark Brown x 3
  • Yarn H: 659 Light Brown x 4
  • Yarn I: 656 Beige x 4

Calliope or simply “Callie” was born from an idea I had in August 2017 to make a floral hexagon with thin petals and an ornate texture. At that time I was working with my Fresh Earth palette and it was really well received, so I decided to start with that color scheme for the piece. Some color-swapping and adding tones, and the finished color combo was decided.

The way I used the colors in the piece is a bit different from most of my projects! I laid out the 9 colors in a circle in the order that most pleased me. Then when I made each motif, I used the colors in the order they appear in the circle.

Of course I can’t totally let go of random… so I did do random motif placement! Satisfying 🙂

And y’all loved it! I got tons of great feedback and it gave me the warm fuzzies.

So the Callie pattern is ready for you all, and I really hope you have a wonderful time creating her.

Any color combo will look stunning, and if you do decide to make Callie, be sure to hashtag #CallieBlanket and #CypressTextiles – this way I can see your works 🙂

– Rachele C.


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