Cozy Flowers

Cozy Flowers (Free!)

Hello, again! I’m here to share another free pattern! I have quite a few of these lately – wanna see?

This one is Cozy Flowers – a fiery color blanket that will look positively delicious in any color palette.

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I’ll let you guys just scroll through these gorgeous photos and pick which one convinces you to make this blanket… the color choices are all listed in the pattern, so you can make this exact creation!

And I won’t get mad, either. Sometimes folks don’t want to share their males with me because they’ve copied my exact color scheme… don’t they know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery???

I have a three-part breakdown of the path an artist moves through in their creative lifetime… I’ll spare you the 3 hour version, and give you the bullet list.

The artist’s path

  • First: Imitation. I see a crochet blanket, I copy it exactly because I’m still learning basic techniques and I don’t have the ability to invent.
  • Second: Ambition. I am on a roll now. I know advanced techniques and innovate on a level plane, creating my own original designs within my craft.
  • Third: Ascension. I no longer seek inspiration within my craft. I create a fusion, a hybrid, of outside crafts and my own. I am helping to mold my main craft into something new, adding in the learned aspects of the new inspiration mediums. This is where it’s at. Ascension, baby.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. I don’t care if people copy. That’s just where they’re at in the crafty continuum. 🙂 Peace and love, man. ❤️

Hope y’all like this one! I have about a million other hexie posts if you’d like to see those too ❤️

Happy crafting,

Rachele C.


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