Seaglass feat. Kaelyn Guerin

Beware this is a very picture heavy post 🙂 If you don’t like looking at gorgeous photos taken by a talented Crafter, you may want to look away 😛

Pattern: Seaglass

Ravelry | Craftsy | Etsy | LoveKnitting

Yarn: KnitPicks Brava Sport*

Test sample blanket & all photography: Kaelyn Guerin (iiirdwind)

A WIP shot complete with mint highlights and olive lowlights just popping out from those gorgeous coral accented squares.

KnitPicks yarn purchased eons ago finally being put to good use for this project. I have always gravitated toward a color combination of turquoise, mint, and olive. There’s just something unexpected about the olive green thrown in that sandbags those perky blue-greens all the way to the ground. In a good way..

Kaelyn is forever staging perfect photos in her stylish and stately home. I’m telling you every photograph is a lesson in texture and simplicity of color.

Imagine this blanket in any colorway – pastel, rainbow, peach, pinks and purples – it’s all gold. A fun piece that combines pattern and texture in an interesting way.



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