New Horizons

New Horizon feat. Gwen Kok


My New Horizons Blanket pattern – featured in the Scheepjes Bookazine YARN, issue 4 – the Dutch Masters – Shop! (Aff)

This is an Alternate colorway to the original pattern.

Sample and pattern testing done by the talented Gwen Kok – IG user @Stitchgwen – go check out Gwen’s lovely makes if you haven’t seen her already. She has a very keen eye for color, and works with many varying palettes, but makes them all look awesome.

Important links:

Bobble trees, and thin tree trunks, bisecting horizontal water ripple stripes, combine with a unique lower panel of a ripple water scene to make a fresh and innovative design. It’s also a very entertaining make, and will be as fun to make as it is to snuggle under.


Rachele C.


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