Geometric Lace

Geometric Lace No. 33


Design Profile

  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • Pattern: Geometric Lace
  • Materials: Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” and Red Heart Super Saver (I buy from for a softer product!)
  • Construction: Hexagons joined as you go, squared off with a deep grey lace border that gives the blanket a warmth.
  • Similar Pieces: See the main page
  • Design Inspiration: Copy of my Geometric Lace No. 20 – I have used this “Ocean Sunset” palette many times!
  • Shop this piece: Purdy hexagons and lace at Etsy




My love for this palette probably partially stems from the fact that my very first Geometric Lace was made with these colors – back in October 2012!



Candidly lounging on my living room footstool, ready for edging.

That footstool was a great find, bought for me by my husband – it opens up for neat storage of works in progress! He loves me 🙂 … Or he just wants the living room tidy – haha!


Took plenty of pics – just gorgeous in the afternoon sun.




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