Geometric Lace

Geometric Lace No. 32


Design Profile

  • Location: Australia
  • Pattern: Geometric Lace
  • Materials: I used a size I hook for a tighter fabric! Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” and Red Heart Super Saver (I buy from for a softer product!)
  • Construction: Strong pastel palette hexagons joined as you go, squared off with a neutral color border
  • Similar Pieces: See the main page
  • Design Inspiration: I have made this palette a couple of times before! Beautiful 🙂
  • Shop this piece: Purdy hexagons and lace at Etsy

Bold Pastel Palette – Used in 3 Pieces


Common for me to lay on the floor with bits and pieces until I have a firm image of the placement that I want.


Filling in the gaps, and starting on the edging wherever I can…

I always try to get a head start on the edging. It’s a speed thing! If I have one foot in the next step, I feel like I’m there already – haha!






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