Cushion Cover

Cushion Cover No. 5


Brighten your playroom’s lounger with this spotty 20″ cushion. Made in any color!

Design Profile

  • Location: New Jersey
  • Pattern: No specific pattern! Just followed my instinct – see more on my original piece.
  • Materials: Remnants of Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” and Red Heart Super Saver (I buy from for a softer product!)
  • Construction: Solid granny squares, slip stitched together, with a neon reverse SC border and button closure..
  • Similar Pieces: Cushion Covers
  • Design Inspiration:  A photo passed to me from the initial recipient of Cushion Cover 4
  • Shop this piece: Similar on Etsy


What a quick work-up this is! I use 32 total two-round solid granny squares, which are so great to use up remnants. Then I border each with two rounds grey, working the second round on the wrong side to add visual interest.

This is the one project where I do not join as I go… I slip stitch the squares together to form a raised grid on the piece. You could add buttons at the crosses, but I like the unfinished look!

On Instagram

Once both sides are complete, I go around three of the edges (wrong sides held together) with a reverse single crochet. Rev SC is not the same on both sides, but it does look pretty enough from the wrong side to still look great. on the fourth side, I sew buttons and crochet button holes for the closure. I’ve thought about trying an envelope closure with this piece, but haven’t braved it yet! Would have to buy a 22″ cushion for testing.




2 thoughts on “Cushion Cover No. 5

    1. Lol! I am very persistent to finish a project once I start it. While I do enjoy the process, it’s the finished object that gives me joy! 🙂

      Thanks for reading and a happy holiday season to you!
      Rachele C.

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