Pacific Circles

Pacific Circles No. 3


Brights and pastels alike join together beautifully in this playful and crisp blanket – the picot edging is divine!

Design Profile

  • Location: South Carolina
  • Pattern: Flowers in the Snow (Ravelry link) Main blog here – great stuff!
  • Materials: Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” and Red Heart Super Saver (I buy from for a softer product!) – Background white is Lion Brand “Pound of Love”
  • Construction: 88 circles made and joined continuously – eyelet and picot edge added as I describe below.
  • Similar Pieces: Pacific Circles
  • Design Inspiration:  See more below!
  • Shop this piece: Etsy

This piece started out so easy for me! I breezed through 88 Flowers in the Snow type circles, matching pretty colors and feeling good about using my yarn remnants. Yay!

On Instagram

I have seen this piece made by crafters all over the Internet, but I’ve never had the pleasure of making this bright-against-white version. (I’ve made 2 other versions that I have never actually posted on my blog! Posts coming soon!) Then, I received a custom request to make a blanket similar to the one below. I wish I knew who to credit for the photo – I looked all over the web and could not find the source..



Okay, so I buzzed through the circles, then when it came time to join, the design got a little more complicated for me.. I knew I wanted a continuous join-as-you-go, but when I tried out a couple of them, they just didn’t look right. First I tried the actual Flowers in the Snow join. Too lacy!

Then I tried the Attic24 join. Love it, but wanted something different! Since the circles have chain 1 spaces in between DC groups, they really call for a granny border with chain spaces. BUT I felt like it was way too sparse with that method. I wanted a fuller look.


 So, I ended up omitting the chains between DC groups and just doing 4DC groups on the “sides” instead of 3, as shown below.


Progress shots and the final border decision below! Woooo!



How do I make my layout? The short answer: I don’t! I just quickly grab whichever circle I think should go next. I understand that many crafters obsess over their layouts, but I believe in following your instinct when you are in the moment.

It is rare for me to plan a layout; although, don’t get me wrong, I used to. I would lay everything out, then take a reference photo and consult it during construction. Nowadays, when I see blankets that are so well balanced and obviously meticulously planned, I realize that I prefer the random layouts that sort of ebb and flow color-wise, guiding your eyes around the piece.


When it came time to do the edging, I went ahead and added the chain 1 spaces back in to keep everything even. Then, I made a DC, chain 1 eyelet round and added a picot to that. My go-to picot is simply (Chain 3, SC through side bar of BASE stitch – not through first of the 3 chains.. SC and continue.)

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