Square Blooms

Square Blooms no. 2

Square Blooms 2 Beginning

Gerbera Daisy Blanket – A true delight!

Check out the original pattern for this item here, or look into buying it as a custom, handmade piece.

Once you buy the pattern, you can see my modifications in this post! πŸ™‚


I cannot describe the total joy that this was to make. Each petal, each leaf, joining them, all the colors… Wow!

bySol’s pattern is a beautiful concept. I made the following adjustments – mostly to account for the thicker yarn and larger hook.

Decrease from 16 petals to 12, and “anchor” petals to one another by interrupting the chain up to slip stitch through a DC at the back side of the previous petal. Work a picot at the corner of each leaf (Chain 3, SC in “base” stitch at bottom of Chain 3). Work border round through back loop only to make leaves “pop.”

See the backside of the motif below. You can see the anchor at the petals.



I could not take enough progress photos of this piece… Just beautiful. Thinking of doing a basic granny square blanket with these colors!



I would make this a million more times if I had the chance. ❀




14 thoughts on “Square Blooms no. 2

  1. I’m sold! Already ran over and bought the pattern. I bet you’ll drive a lot of sales for this designer! Thank you for your inspiration, as always. This looks like so much fun! Hugs from your IG friend “From Any Angle” or “Petunia Pill” on blogger. So many identities for just one person! Annette

  2. Absolutely in love with this blanket! I really like the 3D look of the flowers. Is that the tight join you used there? I am using that for my current “Flower Child” blanket. It’s time consuming since it is my first time, or maybe I just crochet slowly. Lol

  3. Love this blanket! I bought the pattern, but I like your modifications even better! Can you help get me started? What weight yarn and size hook did you use (you mention adapting for the weight and size)? And I love your addition of the edging! Can you share what it’s called or where I can find a pattern?

    1. Hi, there! πŸ™‚ Just to be fair to the author of the pattern, I’d like to take our conversation to email. Since you bought the pattern, I think it’s perfectly fine to discuss mods! Email me at babylovebrand @ gmail .com

      Thanks! πŸ˜‰
      Rachele C.

  4. I have bought the pattern & would like to use heavier yarn too so that it’s for an adult in deeper colors. Can you help me?

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