Square Blooms

Square Blooms no. 1

White Daisy on Aqua

My first project in a category I like to call Square Blooms (a reference to one of my fave new wave tracks, Square Rooms – haha) featuring beautiful 3D flowers in a lovely grid of squares.

I almost cannot take the gorgeous beauty of these two aqua shades with the fresh daisy popping out. And what a cool shade of grey to ground the piece.

Square Blooms

Square Blooms Texture

I used Tillie Tulip’s pattern – found here – with a turquoise color scheme. As I have been using it a LOT lately, I used a continuous join-as-you-go and a granny border. How I do love it so!

Square Blooms Color Daisy

Fin! Incredible daisies in the bright sunshine.

Square Blooms Sunshine

Close-up featuring reverse SC border.



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