California Dreaming

California Dreaming 1


If you’d like to learn more about buying this blanket, I have 2 more that I can make. ***NOTE: I sold the second blanket in the series. In the last photo of this post, there are two blankets. The top blanket is still available!***

They are all 34″ square and an absolute dream… This blanket is very alive and is a true one-of-a-kind as I only had enough of those center squares to make 3 different pieces. The blanket in the picture sold in my Etsy Shop!

I made this piece when I stumbled upon these luscious Lion Brand Cotton-Ease (a cotton/acrylic blend) mitered squares that I knit a looooong time ago when I used to be a knitter. I have since sold all of my knitting needles and only wield a hook nowadays, but I will tell you seeing all this color really made me itch to buy a size 8 circular…


 I knitted the mitered squares in 2007  from the stockinette stitch version of the Psychedelic Squares Blanket Pattern. Of course, if you know anything about me, you know that I have a severe sewing allergy (you can read that as “I’m no good at it” – haha) and so I looked online for this tutorial on how to make the No-Sew Mitered Square Afghan. Unfortunately, this is from the archives of the Mason-Dixon knitting blog, so you have to scroll down a bit past halfway until you see the “Epic Tutorial” as she says – which is true!

Flash forward to 2012. That’s how I found my old WIP… All knitted up and sewn together with mattress stitch, and ready for a border. BUT It wasn’t completely finished… Actually a couple of the squares had live stitches on circular needles, and I had really forgotten how to knit by this point.

I took a whole day to pick out all of my woven ends and mattress seams, and I had squares like in the *blurry* photo above.


 I crocheted them together in strips instead! 🙂

There was a strip missing from this configuration, so I improvised with a couple of crochet squares. Not half bad!

IMG_1743 A fun SC border adds a nice touch, and this blanket kind of has a parachute feel with the “pockets” of knitted squares. I really enjoy the mixed textures.



Sneak peek below of the other squares for the next two blankets. The missing quarter of the lower blanket does exist – it’s in my WIP basket!

I have a lot of other squares that I recovered from my WIP bin, but these are the only knitted ones. They are super-special and ultra colorful. 🙂



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