Cushion Cover

Cushion Cover 2


My second cushion cover! ­čÖé

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Front is a Flowers in the Snow granny square pattern, with a light green background. I used a continuous join-as-you-go, which I wrote up in a tutorial here.


Tip: Joining

I have seen many times that folks confuse “join-as-you-go” with “continuous join-as-you-go.” When you join continuously, you start at a corner motif and join in a continuous motion non-stop until the motifs are all joined and the blanket is finished. With the regular method, you are joining each motif to the last when you work the final round.


A couple of progress shots!


And FIN!

Where’s┬áthe back of the cushion?┬áSee the┬áfunky-colored granny square down below! Love it! I used my Perfect Granny Square pattern. The recipient wanted a scrappy look, so while I didn’t use scraps, I did start and stop mid-round for a more off-beat┬áfeel.


Tip: Construction

To join back to front, I worked a reverse SC stitch around with the wrong sides held together. Since this stitch is not reversible, I had to be careful how I designed it. I wanted the right side to be on the front, so I held that side facing. A decorative XXXXX is formed around the border on the back of the cushion. It complements the youthful nature of the cover. Pretty!

The front cover had 5 more stitches per side than the back cover, so I had to ease it in as I went around joining. It worked out fine, and is not noticeable.



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