Chevron 14


This is my first of three blankets made for a lovely lady whom I met on Instagram. Soon to be showing a Textured Circles and a pretty daisy blanket! 🙂

As I say, I can make this blanket over and over, and yet I still get giddy over the final product.

Buy the pattern on Etsy or Ravelry, or look into getting this blanket as a custom, handmade piece. See a gallery of my Chevron blankets on the Main Page.


These are some progress shots, although I didn’t take many since I have shown them on previous blankets with the same color-way…

Tip: Color

These particular colors (Hobby Lobby “I Love this Yarn”) are Greymist, Turquoise, Peacock, Royal (note: I usually use a royal purple for the accent in this color-way, but switched to royal blue for a boy!), and Lion Brand “Pound of Love” White. I edged it with Greybeard from “I Love this Yarn” – it is a darker grey than the Greymist used in the striping, which is a technique that I use to create depth. Pick a color from your stripes and choose a darker shade for the border. Lovely!

I used the Random Stripe Generator – link in sidebar – to create this stripe sequence. How fabulous is it to just hit “refresh” until I am in love with the pattern?? ❤


Tip: Design

I used to work this pattern with two rows per stripe, but I have since decided to change to a 3-row design, (RS, WS, RS pattern) as seen in the photo above, just because I love the ridge formed in the center of the stripe. Accentuate this ridge by working in back loops only! Also of note: this piece was made extra thick (available as an option on all of my blankets) by holding together two strands of soft worsted weight yarn and using a size 10mm hook. Drapey and luscious!

I am hoping this photo really portrays the texture of the 3-row color design. Can I say again how much I love making this blanket? I love it! Hopefully there are droves of chilly, chevron-loving people out there – lol!


Ta-Da! Squishy and huggable! 🙂


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