Cushion Cover

Cushion Cover 1


Hurrah for my first cushion cover project! ūüôā

Click here to get info on ordering a cushion cover as a custom piece!

I made 64 tiny circles for the front of this 20″ cushion cover. They are so cute! Simply magic ring, 12DC in ring, join and that’s it! Using the continuous join as you go, you can see me joining them with white¬†in the photo above.

Shown below is my solid grey granny square that I used for the back of the cushion. This is “Greybeard” in Hobby Lobby’s “I Love this Yarn” brand.¬†This is¬†my favorite affordable acrylic yarn. Durable¬†and smooth.


I have written a tutorial for the method that I most commonly use when making solid (and multi-color!) grannies. Find it here!


 Tip: Construction

Once I worked both pieces to just under 20″, I added a reverse SC edge to both of them, working in *front loops only*. I did this because when I¬†crocheted them together, I wanted the background color to be showing around the edge. Since my front and back have¬†different background colors, I¬†worked the reverse SC on both pieces in¬†the applicable background color.

Then I held both pieces with right sides¬†together and slip stitched around 3 edges through the back loops that were let unworked (see photo above). I used the grey yarn and you can’t see any peeking¬†(I used the grey since I had just done the solid granny square, I didn’t want to cut the yarn).

See the completed seam in the photos below.

Seam Outside
Seam Inside
Cushion Front

You can see in the photo below that my little trick worked like a charm.

Cushion Back

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