Chevron 13


Chevron2.0 made in my most requested color-way, headed to Australia! 🙂

Buy the pattern on Etsy or Ravelry, or look into getting this blanket as a custom, handmade piece. See a gallery of my Chevron blankets on the Main Page.

I only took three pictures of this one, and the final shot (shown above) includes another Chevron2.0 in progress! The blanket in progress is an Extra Thick order, so I have Worsted Weight yarn held double with a size 10mm hook. As usual, I made a couple of small alterations to the pattern to mondo-size it.

You can see what a difference it makes going from Standard Thickness to Extra Thick. I love both for this design.


Tip: Speed

On each project I take any opportunity that I can to start the next color with the current color still in progress. This way I am more motivated to keep moving through a piece, and I get less distracted. See it in action above!



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