Framed Garden

Framed Garden 6


I had two Framed Garden blankets in my queue back-to-back! Here’s another 36″ square beauty.

I decided to mix it up a little by changing the granny squares slightly and reversing the color order of the wide frame so that the pink was on the outside. Framed Garden 5 is the fraternal twin to this blanket 🙂

Below, you will see Framed Garden 5. Differences:

a) In Framed Garden 5, I accidentally made a mistake that resulted in a pleasing change of more color per granny square (and less white border). Also, it gave more structure to the squares. I’ll be keeping the “mistake”!

b) Reversing the color order of the frame really helped the two pinks take center stage, rather than the aqua and green like in Framed Garden 5.

Compare the two and you can see the slight differences in these twinkies!


Love this one-and-only progress shot that I took!






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