Framed Garden

Framed Garden 5


My fifth Framed Garden – changing the name to match how it is called in my shop 🙂 Made as a baby shower gift for a lady in Tennessee!

I derived this pattern from Attic24 blog – the Summer Garden Granny Square. Love it! I do use different methods from Lucy, but her foundations are lovely and colorful enough to inspire anyone!


Joining these beauties! I realized that I made a mistake after working the first complete square, but I decided to let it roll. On the white joining round, I was supposed to work treble stitches in the corners so that the squares reach out to each other and don’t bunch up at the joins.

Instead, I accidentally worked these trebles on round 3, leaving me to work the white round as regular dc clusters. I quite like how it turned out!


I added a fabulous, cute-as-a-button picot shell border as follows:

In a chain space, (3dc, ch3, sc in first of 3 chains, 3dc) and anchor shell by working sc in the next space. You may find that you get asymmetrical corners as shown below. Embrace the unique quality! It looks like leaves, and I think it’s rad.







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