Geometric Lace

Geometric Lace 4


My fourth Geometric Lace blanket made with black lace – ooh la la!

Check out the pattern for sale on Ravelry and Etsy, or look into buying this blanket as a custom, handmade item.

Have hook, will travel! Progress pic below taken with Geo Lace blanket draped over my steering wheel – working between errands! 🙂


Coming along here – love the red to turquoise fade. Although I have used three different hexagon styles in the past three versions, this is the hexagon that I used in the actual written pattern.


Basking in the sun peeping through the curtains.


The black makes a great contrast to the colors and really adds character to the blanket. I do like the original neutral tan color – they make for completely different finished pieces!


A sneak peek of the back of the blanket – with all the tails hanging out! These are the tails created when beginning each motif. I snip them when I am finished at about a centimeter from the base (after they are woven in).


Black lace in progress – love this part!


And some more shots of the grande finale!





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