Geometric Lace

Geometric Lace 1


Geometric Lace – The first version for a wonderful lady in the Land of Oz! 🙂

Check out the pattern for sale on Ravelry and Etsy, or look into buying this blanket as a custom, handmade item.

Tip: Joining

When I embarked on the Geometric Lace blanket journey, I experienced a false start! My hexies had very choppy joins when I ended on a DC round… It just wouldn’t do. I asked my Instagram buddies for advice and redesigned the motif.

Ahhh, much smoother – an extra round of SC (see photo below) can really help give a polished look. Try it on a granny square blanket some time!


Squaring off my edges with a lovely neutral lace.


Cruising along – Everything is looking fabulous at this point but I started getting a serious itch to see how my squared edge and lace border would come out…


I began to work the outside hexagons all around like working the edge of a jigsaw puzzle before carrying on with the inside. Boy was I proud! I was going to start the border early! I laid out my blanket and snapped the photo below. Then my smile turned to a frown… Two extra hexagons on the newly made side (check them out – I decided to remove the two consecutive hot pink hexes at the top of the pic). Watch how I armed myself with scissors, held my breath (seriously!) and did it!


Tip: Finishing

In the first pic, I am about to cut, but then I realized I wanted to save those two pink hexies. Why waste them? I carefully unraveled them from their neighbors and set them aside to be attached later. Center photo shows the cut border. I dry heaved, but the cut was empowering. Third pic shows what I planned to do during this major surgery. I unraveled every separate row of the cut lace and trimmed all pieces to six inch tails, then I just frogged back the lace a bit and re-crocheted parts of it for a smoother join, weaving in all loose ends (two ends from each cut side on each row of the border). The surgery was a success! See more finished object views below.

20130119-135419.jpg  20130119-135404.jpg  20130119-135430.jpg






10 thoughts on “Geometric Lace 1

    1. They’re join as you go on the final round ❤️ using my technique “PLT Join” – if you google it, there are instructions on my website – ❤️ Happy hooking!! – RC

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