Carefree Crochet Blanket (Free Pattern!)

Say hello to April’s Relaxghan – this is my popular series of free blanket patterns!

Get the Carefree Crochet Blanket Pattern Free on Ravelry

Carefree Crochet Blanket

Color inspiration

The coordinating yarn palette is perfect, although I didn’t end up using all the colors. Some were too peachy to stand out against the (outlandishly rockin’!) pink background.

I also channeled my Mothers’ Day energy. We moms could definitely use some Carefree vibes!

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It all started with this floral motif. Once I made one, I couldn’t stop. And of course it’s a hexagon – because I am definitely #hexieobsessed

In keeping with the simplicity of the Relaxghan Series (designed with peace in mind), I created this motif with very intuitive repeats. Hope y’all enjoy making it as much as I enjoyed designing it!

crochet blanket carefree blanket pattern
crochet blanket carefree blanket pattern

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Another shot of the motif:

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