Gumball No. 19

  • Pattern: Gumball blanket – info here!
  • Materials: Beautiful pink and navy room décor – grey and tan cool the palette down. Size K hook
  • Construction Features: Join as you go
  • Similar Pieces: Gumball


2 thoughts on “Gumball No. 19

  1. Hi

    I’ve bought this pattern and have tried iced it many times but the circle keeps on waving in. I don’t know but I belueve there’s an error in your description. Was really looking forward to making this

    1. Hm maybe try working Treble stitch for the center instead of double crochet? So it would be:

      Make ring, SC, Ch-2, 15 Treble crochet, join in top chain of ch-2

      This will make your center round slightly larger and may help with the wavy third round! Let me know 🙂
      Rachele C.

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