Gumball No. 19

  • Pattern: Gumball blanket – info here!
  • Materials: Beautiful pink and navy room décor – grey and tan cool the palette down. Size K hook
  • Construction Features: Join as you go
  • Similar Pieces: Gumball

2 thoughts on “Gumball No. 19

  1. Pablo says:


    I’ve bought this pattern and have tried iced it many times but the circle keeps on waving in. I don’t know but I belueve there’s an error in your description. Was really looking forward to making this

    • babylovebrand says:

      Hm maybe try working Treble stitch for the center instead of double crochet? So it would be:

      Make ring, SC, Ch-2, 15 Treble crochet, join in top chain of ch-2

      This will make your center round slightly larger and may help with the wavy third round! Let me know 🙂
      Rachele C.

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