Textured Circles No. 21


Design Profile

  • Pattern: Free pattern! – Includes several joins and borders!
  • Materials: Mostly Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” – The white background is Lion Brand “Pound of Love, and I have mixed in some New Fashion DK as well – Size K 6.5mm hook
  • Dimensions: 68×86″
  • Construction: 15″ squares with a lacy join and simple lace border – love!
  • Similar Pieces: Textured Circles
  • Shop this Piece: Etsy!






5 thoughts on “Textured Circles No. 21

  1. Carmen says:

    Buen día. Son preciosos, me he quedado sin palabra. Por favor, le agradecería, si fuera posible, poder ver un vídeo de como hace esta unión.
    Un saludo,

  2. Liz L says:

    Good morning – I’ve just completed my 20th square & now am ready to join…woo hoo! Do you find it easier to single crochet around each square 1st with joining color?

    • Rachele Carmona says:

      Well I do that, but it’s up to you! I like it because it feels more “finished” and neat when they’re all outlined beforehand. If I just right into the Join, it can look messy around the edges of each square. But if you’re going for a shabby-chic look, then that can be a positive!! So it’s all in how you’re wanting the finished blanket to look. As far as making it easier, I think either way it’s all a labor of love – hehe
      Happy crafting!!
      Rachele C.

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