Textured Circles

Textured Circles No. 20


Design Profile

  • Pattern: Free pattern! – Includes several joins and borders!
  • Materials: Mostly Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” – The white background is Lion Brand “Pound of Love, and I have mixed in some New Fashion DK as well – Size K 6.5mm hook
  • Dimensions: 38×55″
  • Construction: 11″ squares with a lacy join and simple lace border – love!
  • Similar Pieces: Textured Circles
  • Shop this Piece: Etsy!










3 thoughts on “Textured Circles No. 20

  1. I love the way you put colors together! Do you pick random or use a set amount of colors in each blanket? I have made 3 Textured Circle blankets, 1st was random colors with off white flat braid join, 2nd was 4 shades of 2 colors per square with white flat braid join and the 3rd was shades of purples and greens with white flat braid join. I’m starting the 4th and am thinking of pale gray join

    1. Awesome! I do it both ways depending. If the recipient requests, say, purple palette, I’ll do a set number of colors and just mix on each square. If they just request “brights” for example, I’ll do a random selection from my remnants to eat them up. I think grey join sounds marvelous! I love grey as a neutral. It’s both warm and cool! ❤️❤️❤️

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