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Cottage Quilt No. 1


Design Profile

  • Location: Prototype – ready to ship
  • Pattern: Head to my Etsy Shop for the Cottage Quilt pattern! Also on Ravelry!
  • Materials: Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” and Stylecraft DK with some New Fashion DK – Check out for great pricing.
  • Construction: Hexagons joined as you go, squared off with half-hexagon motifs, replacing one corner’s motifs with diagonal stripes and adding a lace border as the edging.
  • Similar Pieces:
  • Design Inspiration: Spring colors! I wanted a funky mix of pinks in the background, paired with a neutral stripey corner and a bright purple lace.
  • Shop this piece: Purdy hexagons and lace at Etsy


Check out some of the details of this piece! I love the floral hexagons, and I absolutely adore chopping a hex in half to create a half-hex motif pattern. To me, hex blankets look their best when the sides are all completely squared off and a pretty border is added to really frame all that beauty.

Above, you can see the floral hex, and below, catch a glimpse of the striped corner.

I got some questions from folks about the striped corner. That quirky element was really what got the idea brewing for this pattern about a year ago! It took me this long to develop the design that I wanted. So why the striped corner? Well, as you may know,  I am always getting inspired by non-crochet crafts to make more unique crochet designs. This pattern was inspired by a quilt that combined funky floral prints with a neutral pin-stripe patterned fabric. The combination created a great contrast, and I’ve tried to recreate that feeling here.


I wrote the pattern as a very flexible tutorial style so that you can create virtually any hexagon blanket, fill in some gaps with half-hex motifs, and add the striped corner to it.

You’ll be adding in striped corners to all of your pieces soon! It’s so satisfying when something works out so well, and these stripes so with anything!

IMG_1263 IMG_1257
Lastly, let me show you a couple of samples that I made up to show how versatile this pattern can be! That multicolor striped corner is giving me life! and the little bits of lace and unfinished corner… this little sample can be worked up in an afternoon to try all aspects of the pattern before committing 100% to a design. I just adore both of these samples.

I hope y’all enjoy this pattern! It’s really a blast!



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