Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet No. 10


Even the most devoted Disney fans will cherish this Magic Carpet look-alike! Gift one today!

Design Profile

  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • Pattern: Free guide/tutorial here! The pattern is for my original version – the updated version is not yet documented
  • Materials: Red Heart Super Saver (I buy from for a softer product!) and Yarn Bee for the golden parts
  • Similar Pieces: Magic Carpet
  • Design Inspiration:  Based on the little rug man from Aladdin! 🙂
  • Shop this piece: Etsy

As is sometimes the case, I have been zipping through projects so quickly that I only managed to snap one progress shot of this little guy!
I do love creating these pieces and even though it may look like they’re all identical, I improve the construction a little more each time.

Enjoy the pattern and have a browse through my past Magic Carpet blankets to see the variations!



4 thoughts on “Magic Carpet No. 10

  1. Hi, thank you for sharing. These are absolutely adorable “rugs”! I’d love to try one for my daughter but am wondering if you could share how you are creating the post stitch (?) in the burgundy colored pyramid? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi, there! If you search “front post dc stitch” and “back post dc stitch” you’ll see how to work them – I work the front post on the front side and the back post on the back side.

      Good luck to you and thank you!

  2. Do you know when and if this magic carpet pattern will be available? I’d love to buy it if possible. 🙂

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