Textured Circles

Textured Circles No. 16


Funky and bright colors make the perfect contrast to the beautiful lace border in this sweet and sassy piece.

Design Profile

  • Location: Florida
  • Pattern: Free pattern! – Includes several joins and borders!
  • Materials: Mostly Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” – The white background is Lion Brand “Pound of Love, and I have mixed in some New Fashion DK as well – Size K 6.5mm hook
  • Dimensions: 36×36″
  • Construction: 9″ squares with a lacy join and simple lace border – love!
  • Similar Pieces: Textured Circles
  • Design Inspiration: Custom request of a bright, funky palette set off by pure white lace!
  • Shop this Piece: Etsy!

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I had an un-gosh-ly amount of fun making this piece! From the bright color palette to the new lace border pattern, I absolutely adored working this up.

When I make a Textured Circles (can’t believe I’ve made 16 of them!) I start by working all of the center circles for the motifs. Then little by little, I begin advancing the motifs, starting to make them larger and larger, adding onto whichever motif I happen to pick up. Once I get closer to the end, I go ahead and a work the final 3-4 rounds all at once, finishing the squares. I like to work them in a partial assembly fashion because it goes so much faster!


The join that I used here can be found in the free pattern for this blanket. It is like a flat braid join, but with the pointed shell round coming before the braid. The tricky part for this one was working out the edging…


Soon I will write up the pattern for this border. I called it “Playful Lace Scallop edging” I think! It took me a few tries to get it right because when I make an edging, it’s important to me that the parts of the border line up with the motifs themselves so that the whole thing looks more put together.

@ Etsy.com

Soak in these pretty pics! I know I can’t stop looking at them 🙂




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