Textured Circles

Textured Circles No. 13


Tummy time has never been better on this bright and cheery piece full of attention-keeping texture.

Design Profile

  • Location: The UK
  • Pattern: Free pattern!
  • Materials: Mostly Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” – The cream background is Lion Brand “Pound of Love”
  • Construction 9″ squares with a lacy join and simple lace border – love!
  • Similar Pieces: Textured Circles
  • Design Inspiration: Custom request of a bright, funky palette set off by creamy lace!
  • Shop this Piece: Etsy!


When I first began joining my squares together for this piece, I used my Celtic Lace Join. BUT, that join didn’t lead to the correct final measurement, so I ended up re-designing it for this smaller lace. I also removed the final round of every square to get them smaller.

These colors bring me joy! I love working with a bright palette and I always say that brights are in my soul.


The easy-peasy chain lace paired with the delicate lace border are the perfect creamy backdrop for these funky colors. I had a few folks in the social media world comment that they are never sure how to use a mixed up palette like this one…

1) Don’t pick colors randomly – you’ll regret it. I know that sounds so horrible, and if you’re confident that ALL of your colors look just smashing together, then by all means, be random! But in my case, I had so many colors that if I chose randomly, I could have ended up with split pea soup…

2) Work toward *both* goals of a pretty square and a pretty blanket over-all. Pay attention to both how the square looks and how it contributes to the full piece at all times.

3) If you’re worried about continuity, cohesiveness, and flow, you can use the trick of working two random rounds in a square with the same color. That way, the eye “makes sense” of the mixed up palette.

On Instagram

One last thing: Quick thank you to y’all for putting up with my ever-changing website layout! This layout is here to stay – supposedly!

Also, I am proud to announce that I am beginning work on opening a new shop called “Minima Fiber Décor” in Spring 2014! Yay!! I’m so excited to expand and reorganize. Couldn’t do it without the support of pattern purchases and custom order requests. Y’all know that everything I make nowadays is a custom request and I just love doing them. All that to say THANK YOOooouuuu! 🙂

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