Pixelated No. 1


Over 400 squares in your most favorite colors, blended in this mesmerizing piece – 35-40 shades or more!

Design Profile

  • Location: Arizona
  • Pattern: Plain-Jane granny squares with a slight variation of the join-as-you-go on Attic24 – edging is from the Japanese design book Lace Crochet Best Pattern 238 (I buy from the excellent and amazing Pomadour24 on Etsy – here is a link to this lace book)
  • Materials: Stroll Sport and Swish DK from KnitPicks.com (both merino superwash blends) – Size J (6mm) hook
  • Similar Pieces: Pixelated
  • Design Inspiration: Custom order color request based on the lovely pixel blankets out there! 🙂
  • Shop this Blanket!: Pixelated on Etsy

My palette! I added a couple DK shades that I had in my stash just to fill in some gaps in the shading.

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Above is the first little snippet that I made of this blanket. It took a little while to get used to all those tiny squares!

My job was to blend six colors – Grey, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Aqua, Orange – horizontally in a pixel blanket. Normally, I blend in a more organic manner, as in my Geometric Lace pieces… On those natural pieces, I start in a corner and follow my instinct, but with this blanket, I felt like I needed more of a plan since I had to make somewhat of a stripe formation.

Below, you can see what I made using Excel… Ugh.


I absolutely did not end up following this pattern. I used it for the beginning to get myself in the rhythm of the lights and darks, then I just let loose! There are 24 rows from top to bottom and 6 colors, so I estimated 4 rows per color and faded accordingly.

My usual inner guideline is to put lights next to lights and darks next to darks… I step back from the piece and make sure I’m on track to keep uniformity, but then sometimes I’ll fold it up and just work in one area so that it doesn’t get too repetitive.


I enjoyed this piece in a big way, despite its slow moving process! I wanted to savor each 2.5″ square, but as much as I want to go slowly, I am always looking ahead to a long list of orders to fill! The show must go on! 🙂


Progress! Had to drop down and get the whole color range in there. So inspiring!




And now for the edging… I had a LOT of debate about this edging…

I researched pixel blankets out there and saw that many had standard granny edging (like this one from According to Matt) or occasionally you’ll see a plain SC or DC border… I wanted something different – a lace that wasn’t too feminine. Something understated, yet noticeable. Lately, I’ve been on this design kick where the principle is that the edging is not necessarily an extension of the piece itself, rather added on in a scrap-work fashion. So, I decided on a simple yellow lace. It *goes* but it isn’t “matchy-matchy.”

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On Etsy || 49×64″ || 174USD

An awkward photo – my shaky-chair attempt to get a full view! 🙂



32 thoughts on “Pixelated No. 1

  1. Hi! It’s DigiDara via Instagram. I’m still curious how you go about placing colors. I just recently had you blog setup to where it would email me if you posted recently. Did you post a blog before hand about how you go about placing colors? I’d love to read about it. ❤

  2. Great love just looking at this pattern. I do want to try it but never could find any directions none how many, pattern, setting together.

    1. Hey there! Do you mean like crocheting them together? I have done a slip stitch join where you join all squares across horizontally, then join all squares vertically. It looks nice!

      This website isn’t the best, but it’s the best looking tutorial I could find for the method


      From there you can look at the loads of YouTube vids with “flat slip stitch join” – some go through flo, some blo, some both loops.. I like both loops bc it’s more sturdy, but it makes a ridge on top… If you like it, then it’ll work! At least the ridge isn’t as tall as when you SC squares together vs this slip stitch..

      Hope this helps! Happy crafting!
      Rachele C.

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  4. I simply love this blanket! I’ve wanted to do something like this. Where can I find your tutorial, that will show me more or less how to do it?

  5. I really really really LOVE this job 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 wow when I saw my face was frozen up this is a incredible and blanket I haven’t never seen it !!

  6. I know this sounds crazy, but can you direct me to the pattern for the square itself? I’ve never done a blanket like this and I don’t know or have the pattern.’ Thanks!

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