Gelato No. 9


Maximum snugglage with this plush pastel beauty will chase the chill away!

Design Profile

  • Location: Kentucky
  • Pattern: My pattern Gelato – found here! This version features Meringue Edging.
  • Materials: Hobby Lobby “I Love this Yarn” plus some pastel shades from my stash – Held double with size N (10mm) hook
  • Similar Pieces: Gelato
  • Design Inspiration: Color palette based on my Gelato No. 2 and my love for pastel + navy
  • Shop this Blanket!: Search Gelato on Etsy!

See the beginnings below with a cameo appearance from my sweet crochet hook roll from Sew Ray Me. Love her storage stuff!


Pink & Navy
Pastel and Navy ||

My Design Dump is a great place to get inspired for home decor and DIY. I scan websites like this looking for fresh palettes and interesting shapes to use in my pieces. Fresh pastel with the sophisticated pops of navy is rocking my socks at the moment.

See below the Excel chart that I used to plan my blanket. Normally, I use a lot of math and measuring, but this time I decided to move it along more quickly and make a visual chart to follow. I used the feature that lets you hide the grid so that it wouldn’t be confusing, but in my original, each square stands for a 2-round granny. So a 5×5 cell space equals a 10-round granny, if that makes sense. I only use grannies of an even number of rounds. This is how I organized my piece so get all the squares to fit properly.

Check out the pattern (link in Design Profile above) to see all the details, such as how to join the squares, and how to re-size the blanket to any dimension.


With the girls buckled in and tucked away, so much work gets done in my eldest daughter’s car-rider line! Sun-shiny photo below 🙂


And the finished piece  all ready to package and send off to its new home in a pretty pastel nursery.

Gelato on Etsy

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