Backyard Bouquet

Backyard Bouquet 1


I made this blanket for a swap with @elisabew in California!

Order your own custom piece here.

As soon as I saw it on Coco Rose Textiles, I knew it would be so fun to make my own squared-off version. I was told by an Instagramer that the original design is from a Japanese craft book. I added a neutral fill-in for the hexie spaces and border, as well as a bright yellow picot border.

Here, I have made my head start. Through trial and error, I invented the pattern by looking at the photos.

Pink and green love!


Below, it is complete! The colors and floral shapes make this the perfect blanket for snuggling on the porch swing or to drape over a big wicker patio chair.


The picot border is: 4SC, Picot

Picot is: chain 3, work 1SC in the base SC (where the 3 chains originate)

A few gratuitous finished pics 😉



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