Trampoline Block Pattern


* I have completely reorganized my free pattern library, and so this pattern has been relocated to my crafter site! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Click here to see this pattern 🙂


12 thoughts on “Trampoline Block Pattern

  1. Paula Barton says:

    At beginning of round 6, something doesn’t seem quite right. Shouldn’t there be like maybe a ch 2, then hdc in next ch, then 2hdc,DC,2hdc in corner ch?

    • babylovebrand says:

      I haven’t made this in a while! But you should be in the corner already, so when you make your (SC, Ch-1) that counts as the center DC for the corner. Then you work your 2HDC, go around the square, and finally work your 2HDC in the first corner to complete the 5 corner Sts.

      I only do it this way so you’re always ending up directly in a corner st.
      Hope that helps! 🙂
      RC Xx

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