Bold Stripe

Bold Stripe 6


Bold Stripe 5 – For a brother and sister pair in the land of Oz! See the sister blanket below, and read more about it in this post.

The gorgeous colors of these blankets gave me an ear-to-ear smile. I just love how the light blue makes for a wonderful alternative to a white background. The brights pop and the overall saturated color is playful and young.


When I post a bold stripe, the first question that I get is always “what stitch is that?” This is called Crochet Moss Stitch, but it is sometimes referred to as Linen Stitch. It has a great texture which makes for a gender-neutral, durable, one-piece blanket. I created the stripe sequence using the Random Stripe Generator – link in sidebar. Below is my reference screen shot, but I did change it a bit.


And a shot of the two blankets together. Love them! So much! 😉



3 thoughts on “Bold Stripe 6

  1. Your work is absolutely beautiful. So much of it is authentic, original & outside the box compared to most I’ve seen. You really do have a gift. The first time I discovered your site knew there were 3 patterns I just HAVE TO HAVE. Many more as well, but I’m not rich yet. Good luck with your hiatus (but it’s not really – still working)
    Blessings, Thérèse.

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