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I’m Rachele and Cypress Textiles is my ever-growing creative adventure. I’ve been crocheting for about eight years but since I started my custom shop BabyLove Brand in June of 2012, I have really been able to indulge my passion to create and inspire.

My Focus

Research: I study color in fashion, bedding, interior design, and on websites like and Also, I consider new shapes and textures while trying to depict non-crochet ideas in a crochet format.

Design: My design inspiration resources include many fascinating modern bloggers out there, as well as some seasoned, timeless designers. When I create a design, I focus on getting it pattern-friendly and desirable so that others can make it, while keeping it trendy so that it grabs the interest of folks seeking a finished custom product.

Construction: I try to plow through the construction process, as I am often eager to see my vision come to life. While most of the time I just want to relish every lovely bobble, picot, and double treble, I always have so many projects ahead of me that I have no choice but to hurry! The upside is that I have a growing body of work, which makes me happy.

I am always working to make this blog usable, intuitive, and informative. Here, you will find my original pattern designs and an organized list of all-inclusive posts containing the entire process of each of my projects.

Thank you for stopping by – grab some yarn, your favorite hook, and a cuppa and have a comfy read!

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I would love to hear from you anytime day or night. Fill out this contact form or email – I will receive the correspondence directly either way! If you are interested in a custom order, you can contact me here or in my Etsy Shop.

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