Amazon Blanket

Amazon Blanket


Scheepjes Softfun and Softfun Denim*

Yarn amounts required (56x60in blanket):

Scheepjes Softfun (60% cotton, 40% acrylic, 50g/140 m)

  • Yarn A: 2516 x 3 balls
  • Yarn B: 2517 x 4 balls
  • Yarn C: 2470 x 1 ball
  • Yarn D: 2426 x 2 balls
  • Yarn E: 2491 x 1 ball
  • Yarn F: 2431 x 1 ball
  • Yarn G: 2531 x 2 balls
  • Yarn H: 2535 x 5 balls

Scheepjes Softfun Denim (60% cotton, 40% acrylic, 50g/140 m)

  • Yarn I: 507 x 1 ball
  • Yarn J: 505 x 3 balls
  • Yarn K: 506 x 3 balls
  • Yarn L: 516 x 3 balls
  • Yarn M: 517 x 3 balls
  • Yarn N: 519 x 3 balls


Amazon Blanket, published in YARN Bookazine, the third issue, “Tropical” – available at WoolWarehouse* and other Scheepjes Retailers


7 thoughts on “Amazon Blanket

  1. Gorgeous, and somehow mesmerizing. I love all your work, but this seems very new. The kite-shaped sections really draw my eye, and the colors are very…amazonian. I wish Sheejpes offered a digital version of these pubs…My marriage and house can’t hold very many more books.

    1. Thank you so much! This was really a fun make. It would be cool to offer a digital option. Maybe in the future!
      Thanks for popping in with a kind word šŸ™‚
      Happy crafting,
      Rachele C.

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