Desert Bloom

Desert Bloom No. 1

Desert Bloom pattern is now available on:





Yarn is Stylecraft Special DK*, and yarn amounts/colors are included in intro of pattern. Pattern includes lace border!


4 thoughts on “Desert Bloom No. 1

  1. I bought the desert bloom pattern from Loveknitting I paid £3.70 so I expected it to be to the standard of other bought patterns for that price.
    I was utterly disappointed to find no photos included as the pattern progresses from start to finish. It Is only explained by word. Unlike any other pattern of this kind ie Janie Crow and many others i have purchased.
    Disappointed as it not good value for the money. and even though I would of liked a few others I will decline as I assume all patterns are the same no CAL photos……

    1. Hi there! I have an older version of the pattern that has step by step photos. I have tried to move away from photographing every step and instead practice being more clear in the written instruction, only providing the occasional photo for reference. I’m more than happy to either provide a refund or send the previous version of the pattern (with all the photos) to your email free of charge. Let me know!
      Happy crafting,
      Rachele C.

      1. Thank you I dont want a refund as that would be unfair on you as I have already printed the pattern and was just working my way through it……. however the older photos would be helpful to me as I am a very visual person being an artist I could always do drawings and illustrations to explain which the only reason I passed chemistry and biology at school ! (Needlss to say I got a 1st in my B A art degree so I at least proved something to the parents!!!!!!!!!)
        Thank you.

      2. Alrighty it looks like LoveKnitting is super secretive with buyers’ emails (a good thing!) but it means you’ll have to send a quick email to just letting me know it’s you, so I can send it. (Or leave your email in a reply to this comment if you like!)

        I can relate to the latter half of your reply as I began my college career in Mechanical Engineering and erm.. “transitioned” to an English Rhetoric path – lol.. So I also excelled in a BA – woohoo!! 🙂

        Nice to chat with you! I’ll look for your email and send the patt asap.
        Thank you!
        Rachele C.

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