Modern Patchwork No. 2


For the lover of minimalist, contemporary décor, consider this charming piece. Use all or some of the different block designs to customize!

Design Profile

  • Location: New York
  • Pattern: My own design – Coming soon! This piece features the Hello Kitty square translated by Amber Renee’
  • Materials: Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” – the pink is “Tropical Pink”
  • Construction: Cute block designs crocheted together via my continuous join as you go method
  • Similar Pieces: Patchwork designs
  • Design Inspiration: Custom color request! Loving this Spring blanket with yellow color based on the afghan in the Stephen King Novel Lisey’s Story
  • Shop this piece: My Patchwork designs on Etsy


This piece started with an idea to make a clean and crisp design with a modern flair. I was really inspired by the pink yarn that you see in the photos, because it is such a unique color and very well-suited to this project. It was begging to be missed with some greys.


The original Modern Patchwork blanket did not have any black accents, and as different as they look, I do love both!


Here is a close-up of the border. I chose an updated spin on the traditional granny stitch, and bordered it in that lush pink to drive the boldness home. 🙂

All folded up and ready for shipping!



2 thoughts on “Modern Patchwork No. 2

  1. Hi can I ask did u do a round of dc (uk) round your solid squares first?.
    I’m making a solid granny square blanket with a pixel image but what a granny style border.
    Any advice please

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