Chevron no. 15


Chevron no. 15 headed to Straya 😉

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I do adore a good pink and green piece! These watermelonny shades are feeling familiar – haha! Sometimes folks ask me if I experience fatigue making a “replica” of a former piece. I definitely enjoy the creative process, even if I have made the blanket before. The only thing I do love about a different and unique piece is being able to post it in my shop as a fresh design.


I improve upon the construction a little bit each time, just as I’m sure you all do when you work a project over again. I made these peaks and valleys nice and steep, and I really focused on even, neat stitching to make the rippled ridges more prominent.


I think I enjoy Chevron2.0 so much because it’s a modern twist on the classic zig-zag blanket design. Any crochet that brings the past into the present in a fresh way is a design that I’m sure to love.


All folded up! ❤



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