Framed Garden

Framed Garden 9


Framed Garden Blanket – Made as a gift for a baby shower in Arkansas! 36×36″

Pattern Information

Granny Square: Attic24 “Summer Garden Granny Square

Joining Method: An SC version of the Continuous Join-As-You-Go as taught by Crochet Cabana in her YouTube Tutorial

Border: Meringue edging

Progress shot below shows the join.


I had to modify this blanket a bit to account for the bulkier size due to doubling the yarn. All of my blankets have the option of Standard Thickness or Extra Thick, and this one is Extra Thick!


I removed all of the chain spaces from the pattern.

I converted the DC join to a (shorter) SC join to leave more space for the wide border.

I kept the granny style border by working 3DC groups into every third stitch across the final SC round of the nine granny square center.


The double thickness made this blanket fluffy and cozy. Perfect for a pram or cot in the cold weather!




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